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Where It Goes

Every film production is a machine with a lot of moving parts and each of those parts has a specific cost. Here you can see and contribute to any one of those critical elements and help chip away at our overall fundraising goal by choosing the part that interests you most!

Film Festivals

Once the film has been shot and edited, what's next, you might ask. Film festivals, of course! Our goal is to take the film global and submit it to festivals around the world. Each contribution will help cover the cost of submission fees.

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The majority of festivals don't cover travel to and from the event, so this donation will help us buy a plane ticket to one festival where the film gets accepted so that we can be there in person and thank you in front of the crowd.

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Once we land, we'll probably need a place to stay, so this donation will help us out with a place to lay our weary heads after a long day of schmoozing with industry types. 

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