Where It Goes

Every film production is a machine with a lot of moving parts and each of those parts has a specific cost. Here you can see and contribute to any one of those critical elements and help chip away at our overall fundraising goal by choosing the part that interests you most!

Camera Equipment

We're not making a radio show here! The camera is everything when it comes to transferring the action from the page to the screen. This budget covers the cost of renting the camera, lenses and all the accoutrements that go into creating a cinematic image.  


Production Insurance is necessary in order to rent all of our equipment. It covers lost or damaged equipment, and worker's compensation in case of an injury to the cast or crew.

Lighting Equipment

You can't have "lights, camera, action" without the lights. This budget will cover the cost of renting the lighting and grip gear that will illuminate the world of the film and sculpt amazing images for our camera to capture.


The most valuable asset on any production is the crew. The cameras and lights don't operate themselves. Each donation to this budget allows us to pay one talented and experienced crew member for their hard work.

Art Direction

Every object that appears in the frame helps to tell the story. Furniture, window treatments, the art on the wall, it all has an effect on how we perceive the world on screen. This budget covers props and set dressing to help us define that world in detail.

Keeping the cast and crew fed is essential to a smooth production. This budget covers a hot breakfast and lunch as well as plenty of snacks and beverages to munch on throughout the long shoot day.


These unbelievably gifted souls are the heart of the film. Their talent is what will allow our message to reach the hearts and minds of the audience. Each contribution allows us to pay one of our actors for their tremendous efforts.


Clothes really do make the man when it comes to a film. Costumes tell us a great deal about  how the characters see themselves in the world of the film. This budget allows us to purchase just the right wardrobe pieces to give life to the characters.

Film Festivals

Once the film has been shot and edited, what's next, you might ask. Film festivals, of course! Our goal is to take the film global and submit it to festivals around the world. Each contribution will cover the average cost of one submission fee.


Wake up! We all know the value of a good cup of java to start your day. A film crew is no different. Contribute here to buy our crew a Box-O-Joe.

Granola Bars

Help prevent our crew from getting hangry by dropping five bucks in the jar to buy a box of granola bars. Hearty healthy treats really hit the spot in those quiet moments while lunch is still an hour away.

Every Little Bit Helps

Passion is what drives this project forward, but there's no getting around the basic costs of making a film. Every dollar really will help. Any amount you choose to give will end up on the screen. Thanks for your support!